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logo jpg10X10artist is an art project by gallery Atelier Open. 10X10artist offers a varied selection of artworks by Dutch and International artists. The price and size of all the works are the same. They cost 65 euros and are 10 cm × 10 cm.


How does it work?
10x10artist gives you the opportunity re-create your own artwork with the artworks made by the artists. You can mix and match your art! Important: any piece of work from www.10x10artist.com is unique. Once the work is sold, it disappears from the website.


Select, create and order
How does 10x10artist work? Go via Select/Create/Order to the art supply. 10x10artist offers hundreds of artworks. Want to view them all? Browse through the pages, at the bottom of each page click to the next. By choosing a category, topic and/or colour, you can narrow down your options or you can adapt the choice to suit your own preferences. You can also view the artworks per artist. Simply visit Kunstenaars.


Place the curser on a work of art. You get to see the name of the artist and the artwork. You also get two choices: + winkelwagen (shopping cart) and

+ selectie (select).

  • The option + winkelwagen allows you to order single 10×10 cm-artworks directly, without a frame. Add an artwork to the cart and at the top right of the website the number of selected items appears in Winkelwagen. The button Winkelwagen will take you to your order.
  • With the option + selection you create a personal collection . With this selection, you’re able to re-create your own artwork. You can select a large number of works of art. After you’ve made your selection you go to Create.


Your selection appears on the Create page. Below the selection an unfilled frame is shown. As default, a frame for two 10 × 10 cm-works is shown. 10x10artist offers eleven different frame formats. Look at the page Lijsten en prijzen for the possibilities. Choose the desired frame and it will be displayed. You can start creating now. Design your own art! Drag the artwork from your selection into the frame and compose your own artwork. You can endlessly change the place of the artworks until you find the best composition.
Do you work with a tablet without a mouse? Select the artwork and use the navigation arrows to change it to the desired location in the frame. Works can be removed from the selection. For the best experience, user friendliness and image quality 10x10artist advises to use a computer with normal or full sized screen and mouse. Click on the X at the top right of the 10 × 10 cm-artwork. By going back to Select you can always add new pieces to your selection. When you are happy with the end result, order your artwork.


Fill in the details and order the self created artwork. To the left of the outline of your order you’ll find important legal information, such as the right of withdrawal, general terms and conditions and the prepaymant compulsory for delivery. The artwork will be sent after the amount due has been paid into the bank account of 10x10artist. The bank account number is: IBAN: TRIONL04 1985 20 301, in the name of 10x10artist.com, Amsterdam. The sale price includes VAT, but does not include shipping costs.


Shipping and costs
10x10artist charge three standard rates for sending your artwork :

  • in the Netherlands 12 euros ;
  • outside the Netherlands (within Europe), 15 euros ;
  • outside the Netherlands (outside Europe) 20 euros.

The artwork will be sent as a package with PostNL. Of course you can also choose to pick up the artwork from 10x10artist. The address can be found under Contact. The shipping costs include packaging and handling.


Dynamic artwork
The 10×10artist-paintings have a magnet on the back. With this magnet they are attached to the specially developed frame that contains a steel rear. The position of the artworks can be swapped within the frame, and the artworks can be replaced by other artworks too. Examples of 10x10artist pieces of art can be seen under Inspiratie or on the 10x10artist Facebook page.


All works of art from 10x10artist have a fixed price : 65 euros . Make your own art by choosing a combination of artworks with a frame and you will get a discount from 10x10artist. This discount is given on the frame and is only valid when you buy the maximum number of works of art that fits in the relevant frame. Look under Lijsten en Prijzen for an overview. On the screen (in the illustration) you will see the number of artworks that can be placed in the different frame formats.

For example:

  • a single frame for two 10x10artist-paintings (2×1) costs 30 euros.
  • A 10x10artist-atwork with two artworks (including frame) costs 150 euros.
  • Purchase amount art: 2 x 65 euros = 130 euros.
  • Normal price would be 130 + 30 = 160 euros. That means a discount of 10 euros.

The more 10x10artist-artworks purchaced, the greater the discount (in euros) on the frame. For more information: Lijsten en Prijzen.


Want to participate as an artist?
Are you an artist, do you like the concept and the work of www.10x10artist.com and would you like to join? You can! Contact Edith Brouwer and/or Erik Timmermans of gallery Atelier Open/10x10artist. Send images of your art and/or a link to a website with your artworks. Gallery Atelier Open will then contact you. New members will receive, a welcome kit of three blank boxed 10x10cm 3D canvases.


Legal matters
For Cookies and Privacy policy, General conditions and other legal matters, look at Juridische zaken.